Before seeing Jerry my anxiety was so bad that I experienced intense physical sensations of restriction in my throat and chest and it felt hard to breathe or swallow. I would then stress about being stressed and this was often worse than the original cause of stress. The only way I found relief from feelings of extreme overwhelm was to drink alcohol and numb out watching Netflix late at night, which became a vice that I couldn't live without. Since my sessions with Jerry, I no longer experience these physical symptoms, I have stopped drinking, been going to bed at a decent hour, sleeping better and am dealing with the pressures of being a full time working mum in a much healthier way. My communication with my husband has improved and I no longer experience intense feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. I cannot recommend Hypnotherapy with Jerry highly enough. I have tried MANY different modalities of therapy over the years, but never I have seen results as powerful or impactful as this. Thank you Jerry.


I have been suffering from anxiety for many years and it seemed to get worse after I failed a very important exam for work. Knowing I had to retake the exam and keeping my job was reliant on passing, made my anxiety unbearable. I wasn’t sleeping and waking in the middle of the night and not being able to calm my mind down. I was dwelling on things from the past. And then a very good friend of mine recommended Jerry and his hypnotherapy. She had some success and so I was willing to try his therapy. Because of covid restrictions, we had all our sessions via skype. Even after the first session I felt calmer. For the first time in many years I was able to free my mind of old and negative thoughts that were holding me back both personally and Professionally. I was able to focus on my study with a clear and positive mind. I am so happy and relieved to say I passed the exam in May! Jerry and his treatments changed my life! I am so grateful I had the courage to try something new and it worked. Thank you Jerry, I will forever be grateful.


Working with Jerry has changed my life, literally. I would encourage anyone feeling trapped, distressed and trying to find their way to love of themselves and those they care about to take this opportunity! You will never be the same! Thankyou Jerry for you kindness and encouragement.


Just wanted to let you know, my first session worked wonders, I'm riding my horse with more enthusiasm than I've had in a long time, plus I'm so cool, calm and collected it's ridiculous, I'm having a ball !!!!
Thank you so much!


Hello Jerry,

Since I last saw you I have successfully chased one of my dreams and only two weeks ago started a new job. I am thoroughly enjoying it. This role provides me with a variety of challenging things to do.

I really do think I could not have achieved this without your help and of course, Hypnotherapy.

Thankyou Jerry!

Kind regards, K H

Hey Jerry,

I just wanted to say thank you!!!

The Hypnotherapy has improved self-confidence, lowered my stress & anxiety levels and the most amazing thing is I am eating vegetables & salads every day and living a very healthy lifestyle now!!! ???

It’s made a massive difference in the way I feel about myself & my life! 

Thank you so much!!!! Words cannot explain how grateful I am!!!


I first saw Jerry about 6 weeks ago due to anxiety ruling my thoughts & my life. My GP suggested hypnotherapy & assured me Jerry is a man of integrity, which I soon found to be true at our first meeting. I immediately felt at ease & began seeing results almost straight away! Many unhealthy attachments that were causing me so much anxiety just dropped off & I felt as though the chains were breaking off my life! I’ve been able to think much clearer & have started a regular morning meditation to start my day, instead of jumping into the busyness of the day feeling stressed. Every area in my life has improved especially in my home, as I’m no longer the anxious wife & mother that I was. I have found hypnotherapy to be the best treatment option as I’ve had such fast results as it bypasses the conscious mind & deals with the subconscious, which is where our learned behavioural patterns are, whether they are good or bad. I have recommended my family & friends to Jerry as I’d love my loved ones to experience the peace & freedom that I have. Thankyou Jerry for this life changing experience.


Jerry has bought the Sun back into my day. I know there will be a day where we will say goodbye and it will be bittersweet. He will push me from the nest to go on my own, I will be able, but I will miss our chats. So much adoration for this man.

Before seeing Jerry I had heard a lot of different things about hypnotherapy, but not sure what to believe. Having been in business for myself for just over 12 months, I suffered a lot of anxiety in how to grow my business and maintain the balance in being there for my family. After seeing Jerry I feel I am more confident in how I run my business and prioritise my time with my family - this is evident as last Christmas was my busiest month on record and my sales for this year look set to double what I did last year. Jerry can help with a number of different personal dilemmas that people may feel - I have no hesitation in recommending Jerry for whatever obstacle you feel you need to overcome.

I recently agreed to go well outside my comfort zone to walk the Kokoda Track. My main concern was heights and edges. Several sessions with Jerry really calmed the nerves and gave me the strategies to complete the walk without drama. Am now very comfortable and confident in recommending Jerry to family & friends.


The weeks after my session with Jerry have been the most productive and positive time I've had for years. This therapy makes so much sense and Jerry is so gentle and supportive.

Both my Mother and Father have seen results with Jerry for different things. He is a very genuine person, professional and polite and gets real results. Have been recommending him and would do so in a heartbeat to anyone.

My personal experience with receiving Hypnotherapy with Jerry has been completely enjoyable with excellent positive results. Jerry is completely professional and an expert in his field. I immediately felt comfortable with his natural kindness and understanding which to me was very important to feeling safe and relaxed. Thank you Jerry most of all for your support in helping me regain my happiness, and enabling my ability to enjoy a good nights sleep. The anxiety and panic attacks are gone! I'm thrilled at the remarkable positive transformation in myself.

Well! you would have been very proud of me as I was very proud of myself, it was like putting my foot in a comfortable slipper.

I remembered all the words and singing with an 8 piece band was great, I can't express to you how elated I felt, I received lots of praise from the band and other entertainers who were performing. I was even asked back next year.

As you know I am not very good at building myself up but this time I am going for it, I did a dam good job.

Thanks for everything as I feel you were very instrumental in my success.

Cheers L

Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Your compassion, understanding and respectful manner have enabled me to trust again. Your work is so important in helping those in desperate need of hope and healing. Thank you for everything.

I purposefully waited a few months after my last visit to see what would happen and I can say what Jerry does sincerely works abandonment /emotional issues, increased confidence, creativity unlocked it has been extremely noticeable to those close to me, life is great and I'm a far cry from the person that walked into his room the first day. Thanks Jerry your amazing.

Hi Jerry, I can't thank you enough for setting me free. I'm still trying to come to terms with what was locked away in my brain and it has blown me away that you helped me discover the cause for my Chocolate Binging. OMG I'm on cloud 9 and am feeling wonderful. I will always be eternally grateful for your kind caring nature and your abilities to help people. You truly are a true professional in your field and I can't say thank you enough. I'm now ready to conquer and achieve.

I started to think that even the trauma and grief that I had been exposed too in life, particularly my work life, was nothing compared to what I was experiencing in my latest prolonged relapse of complex PTSD. PTSD compounded by general anxiety disorder and low self-esteem/worth. I knew I was unwell as I could no longer conceal the physical manifestations of the illness. For me personally the prescribed medication I was taking did not address the negative symptoms, nor did conventional counselling. I knew things had to change and luckily I stumbled across Jerry's information whilst doing research on the Internet. With Jerry's help and understanding I have made great progress with my health and well-being. He has taken the time to listen to my story and from that designed a program of hypnosis and support that is changing the way that I view my experiences and also as equally important, changing the way I view myself. I can only speak from where I am at in life now and that is I am in a better position than what I was three months ago. I am now looking forward to the future.

For an extended period I had been feeling very emotionally drained, tired and just generally low in spirits with myself. I couldn’t pin point the drivers but these ‘low’ feelings were creeping into my work and social life and most importantly how I looked at myself. At best I sat at a low 3/10.

After working with Jerry for a few sessions it was unbelievable how much my mindset changed towards myself and surprising how quickly this started to snow ball into the rest of my life. I am in the position now where I feel that I am in control and love with myself again. I can honestly say that even on those trying days (which we all have) an 8/10 is my lowest dip.

There are too few words that can truly describe my experience with hypnosis, it’s been truly amazing. Thanks Jerry.

Louise C

After 12 months of trying to conceive, my husband and I were having no luck. I visited specialist after specialist, went on hormone medication, tried massage, a new diet, acupuncture and even visited a herbalist, but to no avail. Jerry suggested that I come and see him. As a sceptic of hypnotherapy, I was wary but I was willing to give anything a go. It was so refreshing to have someone to talk to about how I was feeling and to get an unbiased perspective on the situation. As soon as I entered the room, I felt calm and safe. In light of our difficult time, Jerry was always optimistic, which in turn rubbed off on me. I saw Jerry for a number of sessions and my whole outlook on life changed. He helped me to handle my anxiety levels and stress levels and to stop overanalysing things and just let my body do what it needs to do. I was finally at one with myself and felt the best I had ever felt! I didn’t realise that this whole time it was my mind getting in the way of letting my body work properly. Jerry’s methods of hypnotherapy worked because I was able to handle situations with a greater outlook. For the first time in my life I was calm and positive. At my last session for 2015 before the Christmas break, Jerry said ‘you are close, it will happen soon’. He noticed a glow in me that I didn’t see; he said I looked ‘different’. That month my husband and I found out I was 4 week pregnant! I will continue to see Jerry and will do so throughout my pregnancy to ensure my positivity is kept in check. I cannot recommend Jerry enough; he was a breath of fresh air in the storm that was my life. I feel so very grateful to have met him and now count him as one of my dear friends.

Working in the Accounting Industry, July and August is a very stressful time for me. I had a large number of demands placed upon me by a few of my clients. As I was anxious to please my clients I was working long hours, 7 days a week to meet my client’s needs. This resulted in placing a lot of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights upon myself.

Jerry showed me some very valuable tools to use in relieving my stress level. In doing this it has enabled me to put guidelines in place that I can work within to have the desired outcome of not working long hours and not letting client demands take precedence. I have a more structures work environment and am a lot calmer within myself thanks to my hypnosis sessions.

Without Jerry’s help I would not have been able to continue to run my business and service my clients to the best of my ability.


Before working with Jerry, I was having slightly sub-standard performances in my football (Soccer) season. Jerry quickly identified what was causing the drop in performance, and quickly within 2 sessions given me tools and a change in mindset that allowed me perform amazingly well. Finishing the season with recognition from my teammates, competitors and the media. Jerry will be a part of every season play from now on.

My understanding of hypnotherapy was what I had seen as 'TV entertainment'- silly dance moves and clucking like a chicken on command, so to say that I was a sceptic would be an understatement. I had been a smoker for over 35 years and despite numerous attempts, was unable to shake the habit. I had got to know Jerry through a business network group and his sincerity, professionalism and passion lead to my decision to try hypnotherapy, I guess as a last resort. The rest , as they say is history. I am no longer a smoker. I don't know if hypnotherapy is for everyone, but I am sure that hypnotherapy has greatly improved my health, self esteem and wellbeing. Thanks Jerry and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

I have wonderfully continuous progress in dealing with my issues by using hypnotherapy. Jerry is excellent in handling the situations that I have had to deal with. He is sensitive in his approach to helping you achieve your personal goals. The tools he provides you with are so subtle and helpful that sometimes you forget what they are about but you know that they work.

It is delightful watching yourself change to be where you really want to be albeit learning or weight loss. I have had such great results and they will continue well into the future.


I am impressed with how sensible hypnotherapy is as a tool for changing my life. It has helped me to overcome personal obstacles that I had built up over time. It has helped me achieve more in the past six months than I could have imagined. I hope that with Jerry's help you are able to reach your potential too.

I've always been quite open minded about how alternative therapies, including hypnotherapy, can be used to assist in moving past a significantly emotional time; however, I really underestimated just how successful it would be. I started seeing Jerry when I was in a bit of a funk after a break-up. I was mostly ok with the fact that the break-up had occurred but I was struggling to regulate my emotions, I was generally unmotivated and had lost sight of who I was. With Jerry's help I'm well on the way to meeting some lofty goals I've set myself and am a lot happier, positive, more motivated and energetic. All of this occurred in a fraction of the time conventional therapies take (I know: I've been). Jerry provided me with terrific support, understanding, care and guidance and his non-invasive techniques, which ensure that I am in control of the session and therapy at all times, have made an enormous difference to my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jerry and his therapy to anyone at all, it has really turned my life around.

Hi Jerry

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my phobia. When you first suggested hypnosis might be able to help me, I was somewhat sceptical. But the fear and anxiety I had when I was alone after dark was really starting to adversely affect my life. I would actively avoid situations that would put me in that position, and was driving my husband mad. So I thought it was worth a shot, couldn't hurt right!

I'm really glad I did! I couldn't believe that after only a few sessions, for the first time in years I was able to comfortably sleep through the night alone without hitting panic mode! Yah.

I will be spouting the merits of hypnosis and you to all who'll listen. Thanks for making my and my families life better.