Why is hypnosis such a good treatment for so many areas including Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Non Epileptic Seizures (NEADS) and phobias?

A tailored approach for each client is used to achieve positive outcomes reducing anxiety and stress around the trauma(s). Traumas are not talked about in any detail and sometimes not at all if the client does not want to. I use techniques to reduce the causes and emotions of the trauma(s) in the privacy and safe space of the clients own mind.

Hypnosis does this by creating a focused state, where they feel safe. In the relaxed state enables clients to remove those imposed or self-imposed barriers and reducing anxiety levels. By doing so allows the mind to process the trauma(s) where they become just an old memory. This opens up new possibilities, unlocking new ways of thinking and moving them forwards in life again.

Treating traumas and PTSD using hypnosis is highly effective, safe and does not rely on the client reliving those trauma(s).

Typically after the traumatic memory(s) have been treated clients often say that:

  • It no longer feels important
  • It feels really distance and I can talk about it calmly
  • There is little or no emotion behind the memory
  • It no longer feels terrible

This frees the client to explore and discover resources they didn’t know they had, and moving forwards in life.

It’s a nice way to solve a problem.

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